Two kids, who live an almost feral lifestyle, find a beaten up dog, take him home and nurse him back to health. They decide to keep him as a pet but when they find out the dog has come from the brutal world of dog fighting they have a fight on their hands to save him being dragged back into a world of violence and inhumanity.


Damaged Goods was a film written and directed by Mike Tweddle with a miniscule budget of only £5000 (something we were told several times would be impossible to make a full length feature film with).

What we achieved is a 90 minute film we are extremely proud of. Made with the full co-operation of the RSPCA and animal welfare groups throughout the world we have brought a subject that is often overlooked and brought it into the middle of a family drama. Paul O’Grady of ITV’s For the Love of Dogs described Damaged Goods as "shocking but moving".  It has had showings all over the UK and also a premiere in San Diego!

If you contact Broken Scar Productions we will be able to provide you with a DVD copy for a very small price or you can watch it online by clicking here

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