Based upon an idea that had been brewing for nearly thirty years, The Last Blast is the story of Hell - well at least the story of a girl called "Hel". Helenka lives in a suburb of Berne, Switzerland, but she may as well be living on the edge of her own nightmare. Her Mother is a hopeless junkie and lives with a lowlife dealer. Helenka's father has not been on the scene for a long time and now lives somewhere in the Southwest of the United States. Many a time Helenka has wondered what it would be like to escape from her life and join her father, but that has always proved to be an impossible pipedream.

Helenka is in trouble, and not with her Mother. Besides pissing off the local nazi's, whose get together she spoils with a mixture of petrol, a lighter and load of rotting meat, nothing else seems to be going her way. School is about to kick her out, not least because she found the Principle's poetry recital hilarious, her suspicions that her boyfriend is screwing her best friend are about to come to fruition, and in general her world seems to be closing in rapidly. The moment of truth tragically explodes when her Mother chases the dragon one too many times and Helenka finds herself with a bag full of drug money that can finally pay for her escape to the States and a showdown with her Dad.