SPARROWHAWK is a full length feature film and is now complete. We are entering various film festivals and looking for a kind distributor to take our gritty little thriller into the big bad world

Sparrowhawk is directed by Mike Tweddle, DoP is Paul Robinson, second camera Sean Johnson, sound Terry Sharp, assistant director Kate McClean, photography Graham Bygate and was written by Mark Stephenson and Mike Tweddle. We are also very excited to announce that the score for the film will be written by Emmy nominated composer John Robert Wood ( With this feature film we have reached out far to find the right actors who have turned in astonishing performances and they  include Ken Wallace (Australia), Tony Howard (London), Chris Torretto (Northern Ireland), Stef Bricklebank (York) and local actors Kate Dale and Tim Crawshaw.

What appears to be a simple premise for Sparrowhawk is anything but straightforward, with both the storyline and characters being complex and difficult to second guess. The film is set in one location with only six actors in total. We spent a lot of time on the story and subsequent rewrites of the script to make it tight, interesting and unusual. We shot Sparrowhawk using Canon C300's at 4k and the early rushes are so promising that to say we are excited about this new film is a total understatement. We truly believe we have made something, at the very least, interesting and possibly something pretty special so watch this space.

Sparrowhawk Poster Final.jpg